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Friday, August, 28th  2015  - 9:56 pm est


Located about halfway between Evansville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky, Dubois County provides ready access to major markets via state and interstate highways, air, and rail while still maintaining the elbow space needed to conduct business comfortably. With a manufacturing sector that employs 12,000 workers, a lively retail community, and a first-class health care facility, Dubois County has quietly served as an important regional focal point in south-central Indiana.

Huntingburg announces plans for housing

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From Local Sources

HUNTINGBURG — Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner, along with Boxer Girl, LLC President Jane Hendrickson, announced this morning the Stellar Communities workforce housing project is set to be headed by Jagoe Homes of Owensboro with the first phase of development kicking off in spring 2016.

The new privately-funded development named “Hunters Crossing” will create more than 120 new single-family homes on Chestnut Street between 12th Street and 17th Street as well as a nearby park. The announcement comes a month after the release of the housing study by economic development group Dubois Strong that found a lack of affordable workforce housing in the county.

Housing study won’t ‘sit on shelf’

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From Local Sources
Dubois Strong President Ed Cole doesn’t want the economic development group’s housing study to “sit on the shelf.”

The housing study, released last month, found that Dubois County lacked new, attractive workforce housing through the examination of desirable county housing that was available for those making $27,000 a year. Cole sat down with The Herald to discuss why desirable workforce is important, how the housing study will help the county and how Dubois Strong will make sure the findings aren’t wasted. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

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